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Information on Lip Augmentation treatment.

Currently there are 76 different types of dermal filler circulating the UK market and with this in mind it’s useful to acknowledge that not one of these 76 are the same.  Therefore, when you are purchasing a 1ml or 0.5ml syringe of dermal filler, do you really know how this product works? How hydrophilic is the product? Does it contain lidocaine?  What is the longevity? Is it a long chain filler? Is it a short chain filler? What does that even mean? But most importantly…… does your practitioner know? All of these factors are very important when deciding which dermal filler to use for Lip Augmentation.

Lip Augmentation

Price List

First Part B.o.B*: £163

Second Part B.o.B: £120*
The technique requires the second syringe to be injected 2-6 weeks post treatment.

Standard 1ml lip filler: £190 – £220

Standard 0.55ml Juvederm Smile: £153

Standard 0.55ml Juvederm Volift: £163

1ml vs 0.5ml

The standard 1ml versus 0.5ml syringe is a subjective issue. As an example: you may purchase a 1ml syringe of an unknown brand of dermal filler which could have huge amounts of Hyaluronic acid (which is responsible for volumizing) but very small amounts of the cross-linking chemical which is used for stabilizing and longevity. Thus, producing a beautiful big pout that doesn’t last for very long. Or vice versa, you could purchase a 1ml syringe with more stabilising agent and less hyaluronic acid, creating a minimal volumizing affect but more longevity. Without the education and the knowledge Lip Augmentation and of the product that is being injected, its no wonder that there are so many ‘bodge jobs’ and undesirable lips circulating social media. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the practitioner injecting, to ensure they are fully knowledgeable and provide information to ensure you that the product they are using is safe and suitable for you.

Allergan’s Juvéderm:

With 20 years of research and knowledge, Allergan’s Juvéderm is a well-known brand of dermal filler for Lip Augmentation. Saturating 70% of the UK market, this brand of dermal filler is mostly short chain, which will yield a soft and forgiving feel to the lips and skin, mimicking our own. However, Juvéderm dermal filler is available in various viscosities and knowledge of the brand and how each product work will work once injected is crucial. In view of this, we at Cotswold and County have developed a unique way of injecting lips, taking in to account all of the important factors that ensure we create a beautiful, natural and volumized pout.

We have taken two similar HA products from the Juvéderm range and using a specific technique and a two-stage process, we have created a high definition approach to lip filling. This process is a safe and effective way of injecting and the results speak for themselves.

We provide you with all of the information that is required and consider client expectations and as a result leave you with a natural, unique, kissable lips to envy!

Cotswold & County Aesthetics Client

If our Lip Augmentation technique isn’t for you and you are happy with conventional methods of filling, be sure to ask for the Lot number of the product injected.  This should be standard practice among all medical professionals injecting any type of dermal filler.

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