Should beauty therapists be injecting dermal fillers & botulinum toxins?

This is not a new debate, not by a long shot, but it is one which never seems to go very far away. As the aesthetic industry has grown, so has the number, and variety, of practitioners now offering injectable facial fillers and botulinum toxins to the public at large.

Botox Vs Fillers: Here's Everything You Need To Know

They may seem similar, but in reality they're two very different things... The line between Botox vs fillers can sometimes seem a bit blurred and, if you're thinking about getting injectables, it's probably all a bit confusing.

Plastic surgeons call for tougher UK rules on dermal fillers

MP Alberto Costa will lead parliament debate on the dangers posed by non-surgical procedures

Plastic surgeons demand tougher rules on dermal fillers

Botched work has led to hospital treatment or correction procedures Patients are at serious health risks from practitioners with no medical training Market has exploded in recent years, and services are available on high street Plastic surgeons are demanding tighter regulation over dermal fillers, which are used to reduce wrinkles in the face and plump up lips.


Forehead, frown lines, smokers’ lines, crows’ feet, bunny lines gummy smile, downturn mouth, eyebrow lift


One area – £156

Two areas – £190

Three areas – £256

Standard 1ml lip filler: £190 – £220

Standard 0.55ml Juvederm Smile: £153

Standard 0.55ml Juvederm Volift: £163

Lip line and upper smoker lines: £153 – £256

Nasolabial folds: £190 – £220

Marionette lines: £155 – £190

Cheek Augmentation: £295-£495

Chin Augmentation: 195 – £295

Jaw Line Augmentation: £295 – £495

Non-Surgical nose Rhinoplasty: £395

Full face, LMX 4% Lidocaine: £14 (inc Heliocare aftercare cream)                             

The perfect Peel: £270

Allumier Md Peels: £65 (inc aftercare kit)

Leg thread vein therapy: £195

Follow up treatments (4 + required): £165

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